BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink
BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink
BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink
BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink
BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink

BUDDHA shawl - Black white pink

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Feel the love, as you wrap yourself in this expertly crafted shawl designed to nourish you with warmth, comfort and inspiration.

30% Cashmere, 70% Merino.
Size: 200 cm x 90 cm.
Color: black white pink
Handmade from Nepal.


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Zitat von

About Buddha.

Siddhārtha Gautama’s enlightenment is one the most inspiring stories known to humanity. Born and raised a prince in 623 B.C, he was given every conceivable pleasure in order to enjoy a comfortable life of luxury behind the walls of the royal palace. Many wonderful years passed in this isolated paradise but as he grew into a young man, something inside him knew there was more to life. This burning curiosity soon became unbearable, so he sneaked out one day to explore the surrounding villages. Nothing prepared him for what he saw; sickness, poverty, death and decay. An element of life he’d never experienced before. He was so moved by people’s suffering that he eventually left his wife, possessions and family and went on a mission to understand the nature of reality, in order to benefit all beings and alleviate their pain. Renunciation, austerities and philosophical study; he did it all, but eventually realized that this was the other extreme of the life he’d lived before. That’s how he discovered the Middle Way; that a happy life is a balanced life. Not completely satisfied however, he decided to sit under the bodhi tree in deep meditation for as long as it took. Hours turned into days, until finally his mind was illumined by the ultimate truth; that pure, infinite being resides at the heart of all manifestation and we are That. We are One. To know this, is to be a Buddha.

Once the wool is received from Inner Mongolia, it is processed by our family run factory in Kathmandu.
An assortment of special, hand-run equipment then weaves the yarns into the desired shape and color, followed by hands-on traditional screen printing, which stamps each scarf with an uplifting, spiritual message.

Sobald die Wolle aus der Inneren Mongolei eingetroffen ist, wird sie in unserer familiengeführten Fabrik in Kathmandu verarbeitet.
Eine Auswahl spezieller, handgeführter Geräte webt dann die Garne in die gewünschte Form und Farbe, gefolgt von einem traditionellen Siebdruck, der jeden Schal mit einer aufbauenden, spirituellen Botschaft prägt.

Washing & Drying

The gentlest and most popular method of washing cashmere wool is by hand.

To do this, put the garment in a wash bowl with lukewarm water mixed with a small amount of detergent for wool / mild detergent. Since the fibers are sensitive, it is best to soak for a few minutes and avoid excessive rubbing. When you're satisfied, rinse the garment in clean water to remove the soap residue, gently squeeze it with a soft towel, and allow it to air dry by laying it flat on a towel or wire shelf (this will keep his Keep shape). If you are using a dryer, make sure the machine is on the cold air program as cashmere will shrink when exposed to high heat.

Cashmere usually does not need to be ironed. However, if the wool is wrinkled, brush the garment briefly over a low heat (most irons have a wool or silk setting). You can also place a cotton cloth between the iron and the cashmere wool to protect the fibers.

Other options are:
Machine wash (only if there is a special wool setting)
Professional cleaning (at your own discretion)


Do not hang up your garment, especially if it is a cashmere scarf. Instead, fold it gently and store it on top of other clothing if it's in a pile to avoid squeezing the wool fibers. Avoid direct sunlight.

Waschen & Trocknen

Die schonendste und beliebteste Methode des Waschens von Kaschmirwolle ist mit der Hand.

Lege dazu das Kleidungsstück in eine Waschschüssel mit lauwarmem Wasser, das mit einer kleinen Menge Wollwaschmittel/Feinwaschmittel vermischt ist. Da die Fasern empfindlich sind, am besten nur ein paar Minuten einweichen lassen und übermäßiges Reiben vermeiden. Wenn du zufrieden bist, spüle das Kleidungsstück in sauberem Wasser aus, um die Seifenreste zu entfernen, drücke es vorsichtig mit einem weichen Handtuch aus und lasse es an der Luft trocknen, indem du es flach auf ein Handtuch oder ein Gitterrost legst (so bleibt seine Form erhalten). Wenn du einen Trockner verwendest, stelle sicher, dass die Maschine auf das Kaltluftprogramm eingestellt ist, da Kaschmir bei hoher Hitze eingeht.

Normalerweise muss Kaschmir nicht gebügelt werden. Sollte die Wolle dennoch faltig sein, streiche Sie bei geringer Hitze (die meisten Bügeleisen haben eine Woll- oder Seideneinstellung) kurz über das Kleidungsstück. Du kannst auch ein Baumwolltuch zwischen das Bügeleisen und die Kaschmirwolle legen, um die Fasern zu schonen.

Weitere Möglichkeiten sind:
Eine Maschinenwäsche (nur wenn es eine spezielle Woll-Einstellung gibt)
Professionelle Reinigung (nach eigenem Ermessen)


Hänge dein Kleidungsstück nicht auf, insbesondere wenn es sich um einen Kaschmirschal handelt. Lege ihn stattdessen vorsichtig zusammen und lagere ihn auf anderen Kleidungsstücken, wenn er in einem Stapel liegt, um ein Quetschen der Wollfasern zu vermeiden. Vermeide direkte Sonneneinstrahlung.