Uttam’s project in Nepal Uttam’s project in Nepal

Uttam’s project in Nepal

Saraswati Secondary School

“Children are our future -
they are the stars of the future.”

When we had the good fortune of meeting Uttam Kumar Nepal, the founder of Yumi London and rebuilder of the Saraswati Secondary School in Nepal, the first project using our donation-based Support Fund was born.

Help us, help them!

Our goal is to donate €3500 to the school. In order to achieve this, we have reduced the price of four INHALE LOVE, EXHALE GRATITUDE scarfs by €100.

20% of every purchase is donated directly to the school.

As we are in close contact with Uttam, every euro donated is guaranteed to reach the children.

Together with Uttam Together with Uttam

Together with Uttam, we support his dream of helping children receive:

Free education

Access to proper medical care

Clean drinking water and a balanced diet

Safe accommodation in earthquake-proof buildings

After the devastation in May 2015, Uttam reported in his own words:
„When my wife and I went into the village after the second major earthquake, we saw only destruction. The people were desperate. We wanted to help immediately. At first, the villagers had hoped that we could build houses for everyone, but this was not possible. Instead, we bought land and rebuilt the school. So we could do a lot more for the future of hundreds of students than we originally thought.“

Uttam and his wife Claire stuck to their mission and despite many complexities and setbacks, they managed to buy 16 ropanis (9,000 square meters of land) and rebuild a total of five buildings. The Saraswati Secondary School in Dumrichaur Kalleri, Dhading was successfully reopened in the spring of 2020 and currently houses more than 400 students studying there.

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