Our Love Story

Many paths, One Vision

Launched in 2016, Karma Love is one of the leading pioneers in holistic fashion, because, it is more than just a fashion brand. It is a company that transmits, love, connection and unity through its growing community and high-end products.

Inspired by the yoga community in India, the original idea was to spread the spiritual light of yoga and meditation, by giving yogis something to wear both inside the classroom and out in the world.

Many moons have passed since then, and Karma Love is currently blossoming into a universal fashion brand with dedicated team from around the world.

We love connecting people

We love connecting people


Our Inner Values


Mindfulness is what enables us to put all our values into practice. Only through mindfulness do we know which path is the right one for us as human beings and as a company.


We take responsibility for our actions in order to stand up for an ethically correct value chain. This includes in particular the safety of our employees, the sensitive treatment of our environment and the fair production of high-quality products.


Gratitude is the key to happiness and a fulfilled life. We see ourselves as part of the big picture and are grateful for our opportunities and everything we have. Gratitude is the driving force behind everything we do. And precisely out of this gratitude, we as a company always give something back to the world in the form of social projects.



Only together we are strong and bring sustainable change for ourselves and our environment. That‘s why we care a lot about our community and consider every single employee - regardless of location - to be an important and full member of the Karma Love family.